Students Pioneer Senior Capstone Course

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Students Pioneer Senior Capstone Course

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This is the first year  the Mount has offered a senior directed research “capstone” course. Created and taught by Ms. Marissa Muoio, the class is an involved research course designed to prepare students for college research and to foster their networking skills. Based on their chosen areas of research, students have been paired with mentors. The mentors are Mount alumnae who are experts in their fields and want to help guide students through and offer advice on their topics of interest. There are 14 students in this course which is split into two sections. The small class sizes allow for a personalized and hands-on learning environment.

Students in the capstone course have identified an interest that they hope to learn more about. Research questions and problem statements for the various topics have been posted on the walls of the library. This technique provides an interactive way for students to organize their ideas and receive feedback from the faculty and other members of the school community. Students in the class are expected to compile their research into both a paper and literature review, each of which will culminate in a final presentation for the school community and academic panel.

There are a wide range of capstone research projects and problems. Here is a brief overview of the different topics currently being explored:

  • The role of PTSD in soldiers’ re-acculturation into society and the implications for funding their re-acculturation
  • The rise of “athleisure” wear and its newfound niche in the boutique marketplace
  • Brain training and its role in an athlete’s ability to push his or her limits
  • The role of emerging technologies in the field of physical therapy
  • The neuropsychological effects of children raised within the foster care system and the U.S. in addition to the mental health services available for those in foster care
  • Applied behavioral analysis and its place in the community of those with developmental disabilities
  • Prison privatization and its impact on the poverty cycle
  • The Modern Day Space Race” and the evolution of globalized inquiry
  • Political and economic factors influencing immigration
  • An examination of care and perception of group homes
  • Campus sexual assault and rape culture
  • Various therapies and their impact on alleviating the symptoms of Tourette’s syndrome and other comorbid disorders
  • “Community Schools in the Dominican Republic:” how to meet the medical needs of students in the DR
  • Ethical considerations of pediatric neurosurgery

The Mount community has come together to make this course an engaging and worthwhile experience for the students involved. Capstone participants have collaborated with students from other classes such as journalism and photography to further study their topics of interest. Mentors are responsive and a great resource for students to work with, further developing their networking and communication skills. The Capstone Research Symposium has been scheduled for the spring and the whole school community will be invited to see the work that the capstone students produce over the course of the year.

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