Insatiable on Netflix: Good or Bad?

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Insatiable is a Netflix original series about an overweight girl who was bullied, ignored, and underestimated. She later becomes thin and is seeking revenge on all those who hurt her in the past. Though people have tried to stop her, she will not rest until she gets revenge.

The show aired in August and caused immediate controversy. People have been commenting online about the show saying that it fat-shames and presents an unhelpful portrayal of binge-eating disorder. While the show does talk about eating disorders, it never sends a good message which has caused the drama.

I never really had an interest in the show until I saw the controversy on social media and heard about people ‘hate-watching.’ Hate-watching is when you dislike a show that is so bad, like Insatiable, but continue to watch it. Unfortunately, I was one of those people. Every episode I disliked the show more and more, yet I still felt the need to finish it. It is unrealistic, the whole plot, though crazy, seems very ignorant, the characters are quite annoying, and the impracticality of it all makes you mad.

The ending of Season One did not make the show any better. It is absurd and I can’t fathom how you would continue a show with an ending like this. Realistically, the majority of the characters should be in jail or going to a psych ward. Yet, because of the people like myself who hate-watched it, the show has been renewed for a Season Two. I might be compelled to watch, just because of the way Season One ended.

My suggestion: Do not watch Insatiable. It is unrealistic, dramatic, and has no real meaning behind it.

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