Have Necklaces Met Their Competition?

Necklettes are coming for the Jewelry industry with drive.

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Have Necklaces Met Their Competition?

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A new, up-and-coming company, Necklettes, seems to be giving traditional necklace brands a run for their money. Necklaces are iconic items in the fashion world and have dominated their place on people’s necks for decades. While the two look very similar, a “necklette” cannot be categorized as a necklace which makes it so unique and a huge competitor in the fashion and jewelry industries.

Necklettes are magnetic embellishments that attach to any kind of top, scarf, or even handbag or hat.  You simply slip the back magnet behind your chosen material and you are ready to go. Necklettes come in many varieties of styles and colors, just like any necklace.  They are even more versatile than necklaces due to the magnets on each end of each piece.

Whether it’s a little boutique or a high-end store in the city, you will most likely find jewelry there. Necklettes are a new trend that could potentially replace necklaces in these retail locations.

“I had an outfit that had an embellishment and I needed to have it cleaned and when I got it back from the dry cleaners I was overcharged and there were even missing stones,” said Sherry, one of the founders of the company, when asked what inspired them to start this business.

The difference is it looks more like an embellishment.”

With a background in fashion and interior design, she started to brainstorm ideas for how to fix this fashion issue, one she felt was a common occurrence for many. Sherry, with the help of her husband and sons, found a solution. The final product: Necklettes.  

Although Necklettes are very similar to necklaces, they cannot be categorized as such. “The difference is it looks more like an embellishment,” added Sherry, when asked about the difference between her product and a traditional necklace. “There is no chain that wraps all the way around your neck, and therefore takes away the universal issue for many girls with long hair of getting their hair caught in the chain…Necklettes stay in place whereas necklaces move around and get all twisted and turned throughout the duration of their wear.” 

Necklettes offer wearers the freedom to play around with how they complement an outfit, more than a traditional necklace can.

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