MSDA Tops Shabazz in First Round of ECT

On January 31 at 4 p.m., the Mount Saint Dominic Academy Lions (20) hosted the Shabazz Bulldogs (29) in the first round of the Essex County Tournament at the MSDA Athletic Center in Caldwell.

The Lions have played the Shabazz Bulldogs twice during the regular season, taking the win against Shabazz both times. However, now that both teams are playing in the ECT there will be more competition. Shabazz basketball is known as one of the best teams in the county, regularly advancing in the tournament, which can make other teams nervous.

The game was very intense and the crowd was loud and enthusiastic about the competition before them. The coaches were nervous knowing that one of them was going to lose this game and, ultimately, their chances at securing the top spot in the tournament.  

The game ended with Lions taking the win against Shabazz 42-32. Jade Larkin, a freshman starter, led the Lions with 14 points followed by Megan Robinson, a starting junior, with 10 points.

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