Tess Morrissey Honors Seniors with “100 Days” Video

Tess Morrissey

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February 21 was just an average snowy day for the Mount community, except for the seniors. This days marked 100 days until graduation. For some of the class, it is exciting and the first celebration of many to come; but for others, it is the beginning of an emotional ride. For me, a current senior, this was just a reminder to make as many memories as possible with the time we have left.

Throughout my senior year I have been taking short videos of my classmates during school and outside of it. This project was ignited by watching the senior videos at the end of each school year during field day. Each year, on the last day of school, the graduating class shows a video of their experiences and memories to the rest of the school. Since then, I have asked my classmates to take videos horizontally during their times at the Mount or just when they are hanging out with their Mount friends. Watching those videos I knew I wanted ours to portray our class the best I could.

The class of 2019 bonds over things you would never imagine. Whether it’s the song “So Close” by NOTD or the struggles of pulling out of the senior parking lot, I can confidently say that you will always see a member of the Class of 2019 dancing, no matter where they are! A particularly fond memory that I will always have of my class happened at the father daughter dance this year. The DJ played the song “ It’s Tricky” by Run-D.M.C. and I remember seeing every single senior on the dance floor having a great time dancing the night away.

So, in honor of 100 days until our graduation, I present my class with a little teaser video of how much fun we really have had so far. And to the senior class, enjoy the time we have left, keep making memories, and send me those videos…LONG WAYS!

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