Jacqueline MacStudy Organizes Blood Drive for Gold Award


Did you know a single blood donation can save three people’s lives?

Jacqueline MacStudy ’20 is hosting the first-ever Mount St. Dominic Academy blood drive on April 11. The drive is in affiliation with the Red Cross and is cleverly named “Be Your Own TYPE of Hero,” a pun about blood types.

MacStudy chose this project to earn her Gold Award and complete her journey as a Girl Scout. Initially, she was not set on completing her Gold Award, but now realizes what a life-changing experience it has been and how many amazing people she has met along the way.

Previously, she worked extremely hard to earn both her Bronze and Silver Awards by collecting materials for animal shelters and creating a program called “Heading in the Right Direction” which awarded children in her community for wearing helmets when riding their bicycles. As a result, she built meaningful relationships in the community.

MacStudy chose a blood drive as her final Girl Scout project because she was inspired by members of her family who work in medicine. Jackie spoke passionately and informatively about her blood drive.

No one realizes the major demand, but little supply.”

— Jacqueline MacStudy '20

“No one realizes the major demand, but little supply,” MacStudy explained.

MacStudy emphasized that it is a quick and painless process for the donor, but can be the difference between life or death for the recipient.

Because service is a core value of the Mount, MacStudy has extremely high hopes for the Mount community in relation to this project. She believes this is an important way to give back. MacStudy also aims to make the school a Red Cross affiliate and continue the tradition of this drive, hoping to save as many lives as possible.

Because service is a core value of the Mount, MacStudy has extremely high hopes for the Mount community in relation to this project.”

MacStudy will soon be releasing a video with more information about the event. In the meantime, the blood drive will take place on Dominican Day, April 11 and all members of the community over the age of 16 are encouraged to donate, including family and friends. The process is completely safe, mostly painless, and a donor’s blood will be naturally replenished within a short period of time.

MacStudy has worked diligently to make the registration and donation processes simple. The event page includes requirements/restrictions for donors and, if you are eligible, registration to donate. If it were your mother, father, sibling, or friend in need of a blood donate, you would want someone to donate. So please, Be Your Own TYPE of Hero and register today!

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