The Facts and Figures Behind The College Admission Scandal

As most people are aware, there was a recent college admission scandal uncovered that involves many wealthy and some famous people paying for their children to get accepted into highly competitive colleges. Lori Loughlin (Aunt Becky on Full House) is one if the biggest names on this list. The Key Worldwide Foundation (KWF) has been conducting an FBI investigation since September 2018. It has been found that there are two ways that people have paid for their children’s admission.

The first is to fake their SAT or ACT scores. The parent would pay this organization to help fake medical records and create profiles for students to make it seem like they have a learning disability and need extra time for their test. The child would then be able to take the test in one of the KWF testing centers alone where the proctor would give detailed advice or correct their answers. The other way that these kids were admitted was in cooperation with many sports coaches at the universities. Coaches have a certain amount of spots that can give to students that they want on their team that would not otherwise be accepted into the school based on their academics. The KWF would create fake profile saying that the student had played for elite clubs or had other achievements in the sport, and even go to the extent of Photoshopping photos of the student playing the sport. Many coaches at schools like Wake Forest, UCLA, USC, and others are being investigated as part of this discovery.

Lori Loughlin and her husband, fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, reportedly paid $500,000 for their two daughters to be added to the recruitment list for the rowing team at USC. Neither of the girls had ever participated in crew. Their profiles said that they were apart of the LA Marina Club rowing team and provided picture of them using rowing machines at a gym to prove it. Olivia Jade, popular YouTuber and Laughlin’s younger daughter, has been under attack since the news came out. Many have tweeted that they were skeptical of her admission and are not surprised. She made a video last year talking about her plans for college in which she said she would be attending USC, but would not be going to as many classes because of how much traveling and time her job required. She stated she only wanted to go for the “college experience” and to party, which angered many fans. She then had to post an apology video in response saying that she was sorry for seeming ungrateful and privileged and that she is thankful for her education. Emails between Laughlin and the head of the KWF reveal that Olivia knew about what was going on. An email including her was sent by Laughlin to the KWF asking them to help her fill out her application because she was confused. Someone at KWF then filled it out for her. Because of the scandal she and her sister are at risk of being expelled and many believe she might lose partnerships with major brands like Sephora and Amazon. She has been silent on all social media since the news. Laughlin was out of the country when charged, but has flown back and agreed to cooperate.

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