Spotify Wrapped Goes Viral First Week of December


Spotify Wrapped, a program in which Spotify calculates listeners top songs, artists, and genres for the year, was dropped at the beginning of December. This year was special because it was the end of the decade, so, Spotify also calculated your stats of the decade. Spotify shows how listeners’ music tastes changed through the seasons of the year and how many minutes listened to Spotify compared through the years of the decade. Spotify is constantly producing playlists edited for listeners’ ever-changing tastes but they also make one at the end of the year for a collection of listeners’ top songs annually.

Many Mount students have been talking about their Spotify Wrapped results as the week unfolded.

“My top artist of the decade was Ariana Grande,” said Jenna Amorim ’21 when asked about her top artist of the decade. “I think it was because her new album came out this year.”

Students ranked up surprisingly high numbers of hours listened to Ava Pizarro ’21 listened to “256 hours” of her top artist, XXXTentacion.

When asked if her music taste changed throughout the year, Junior Louise Adillon replied, “Yeah but consistently my number one artist in the decade and this year was Queen which was no surprise”

Caty Backfisch ’21 explained how she felt about Spotify Wrapped. She has had it since 2016, 8 years after Spotify Wrapped was launched. She thinks it is nerve-wracking that Spotify collects all of our data, but that she likes seeing a “detailed breakdown of everything that [she] listen[s] to.”

Teachers have also been involved in the discussion. Ms. Zosche, a user of Spotify since 2012 did not think about how Spotify collected all of her data.

It’s really telling in terms of how my musical tastes have changed or evolved over time or what I was really interested in at specific moments of my life…”

— Ms. Zosche

“It’s really telling in terms of how my musical tastes have changed or evolved over time or what I was really interested in at specific moments of my life,” she said.

Ms. Zosche believed that her music taste has stayed consistent over time but has definitely developed as the years passed. Her top song of the year was Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber’s “I Don’t Care” which she believes is accurate because of her streaming Ed Sheeran’s collaboration album. Spotify also includes the number of countries you listened to music from which was surprising for a large majority of Spotify listeners. Ms. Zosche shared how she did not previously think of the global span of her musical interests so it was a pleasant surprise to learn that information.

Overall, Spotify Wrapped has given users the opportunity to review their year and decades music repertoire, rediscover old songs they once loved, and give them more of a reason to continue to use Spotify as their main source of the art that connects people, music.

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