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Dynamic Duo: Miss Muoio and Miss Zosche

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Miss Muoio and Miss Zosche are one of the Mount’s favorite Dynamic Duos. They’re easy to talk to, willing to do almost anything for their students, and can always be counted on for a good laugh. However, after getting some more information about the origins of this pair, I discovered some surprising details.

I began with a simple question to cover the basics. “How did you become friends at the Mount?”

They’re easy to talk to, willing to do almost anything for their students, and can always be counted on for a good laugh.”

A short pause followed as the friends exchanged a glance. “Actually, when I got hired,” Muoio began, laughing.

“I was about to tell the same story!” Zosche cut in, laughing along with her. “It’s so funny.”

Muoio continued, explaining that after she was hired, Sister Fran told her that she had someone she was going to be friends with. Similarly, Sister Fran approached Zosche after hiring Muoio, cryptically revealing to her that she had just hired someone new and that they would definitely be friends.

“So the best part is,” Zosche chuckled, “that we were basically forced to be friends.”

“We didn’t really have a choice,” Muoio added.

“I mean it worked out!” Zosche ensured.

“But this friendship was predetermined,” Muoio finished.

The three of us were already cracking up after only the first question. I continued by asking them if they have any fun friendship stories, to which they replied, “Every day.” (Aw.) Specifically though, Muoio had been acting as Zosche’s Lyft driver (not Uber, because Lyft is more credible and more cost efficient, apparently) because of Zosche’s sprained ankle. Zosche admitted that she only pays Muoio in coffee, and sometimes not even that, so she’s probably losing money on this deal. As they continued to think of “ a ridiculous friendship story” to share, Miss Muoio said, “I feel like every day, basically, we just laugh… at ourselves.”

I feel like every day, basically, we just laugh…at ourselves.”

— Ms. Muoio

The next part of the interview that I planned was a game to see how well the friends knew each other, which consisted of me giving a category, like favorite food or favorite show, and they would have to answer for the other person to see if they could get it right. However, when I proposed this game, I was met with uncertainty.

“The fun fact about us,” Muoio said, “is that we’re the best of work friends, but we’re not really friends outside of work at all, which actually nobody would believe, but it’s so true.” Zosche nodded her head in agreement. “Everyone thinks we’re the best of friends but outside these walls, we don’t know anything about each other.”

Everyone thinks we’re the best of friends but outside these walls, we don’t know anything about each other.”

— Ms. Muoio

“We also have nothing in common,” Zosche added.

“Nothing at all,” Muoio agreed.

I was cracking up. So far my notes consisted of this so called “Dynamic Duo” being forced into their friendship, and having nothing in common. However, we continued.

I insisted that we would only try a few questions and they would be easy. When I asked about their favorite shows, they found out that they did in fact have something in common, because they both watch, and love, the show Designated Survivor.

“Are we actual friends!?” Muoio exclaimed, as they then continued to have an in depth conversation about the show in the middle of the interview.

As we continued the questions, it was discovered that with everything going on at work, they don’t even have time to know if they’re real friends or not because they only ever talk about work things. This interview turned out to be a good experience for their friendship.

The duo requested to come back to the fun friendship experience question that I asked them previously in the interview, because they wanted to tell a better story, and finally Zosche thought of one!

They went to a conference in Boston one time, and they decided to stay an extra day so they could hike the Freedom Trail. (Sounds like something they would do.) Apparently, they had to drag their luggage up four flights of stairs to a place that would “randomly keep luggage” (questionable) so that they could walk the trail without all their bags.

“The whole time we were praying along the Freedom Trail that our luggage wouldn’t be gone because we left it in some storage cell,” Muoio laughed.

“AND we sent Sister Fran a selfie in front of the first congregation church!” Zosche added excitedly.

The entire time she was texting me that we were going to die.”

— Ms. Zosche

On this same trip, Zosche convinced Muoio to take her first Uber, which was apparently a momentous occasion, because Muoio is terrified of Ubers due to the fear of being abducted by an Uber driver.

“The entire time she was texting me that we were going to die. Like while we were in the car,” Zosche reminisced, cracking up.

“I watched a lot of Taken in college. I watched that movie like six times, so I was convinced I was going to be taken!” Muoio explained, trying to justify her fear of Ubers.

As we began wrapping up the interview, the friends pondered any other little stories or memories they could share.

Muoio thought of something, as she shared, “I actually text Zosche every night from about 9:30 pm to 10:15 pm all of my thoughts for the next day. I tell her she doesn’t have to answer, but if I don’t tell somebody then I won’t remember. She never responds.”

“I’m usually sleeping,” Zosche admits.

All of the sudden, the two of them get very quiet as we hear footsteps coming down the hall. They start whispering, seemingly analyzing the the speed and gait of the walk.

“It sounds like Sister Fran,” Zosche whispered, listening hard.

“No, no it’s too fast,” Muoio disputed. Looking at me, she explained, “We do this sometimes.”

“Yes one of our favorite things to do is guess who’s coming down the hallway based on the pace of the steps and their gait,” Zosche added.

At the end of the interview, they shared the very interesting fact, that I feel like should have been mentioned earlier, which is that they both grew up in Cedar Grove, but Muoio went to Catholic school her whole life while Zosche went to public school. So, growing up their social circles totally intertwined, and they knew the same people but from different perspectives. Muoio even knew Zosche’s sister and her friends from playing on sports teams with them, because they were the same age.

I can definitely tell you that this Dynamic Duo interview went in a direction that I was not expecting at all going into it, but it was so much fun getting to know the true dynamic of the Zosche and Muoio friendship. Though they joked about “not being real friends” it was obvious throughout the interview that they are extremely close and have tons of fun when they’re together. They both obviously love their jobs, and the friendships that come with it, and they make work a fun and exciting place for not only themselves, but everyone they come into contact with. In the end, we decided that work friends are just as important, if not more so, than outside friends, and Muoio and Zosche truly are a Dynamic Duo.

Tourist Tuesday, Spirit Week 2016

Prom 2016

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One Response to “Dynamic Duo: Miss Muoio and Miss Zosche”

  1. Judy (Muoio) Inglesino on December 21st, 2016 9:20 am

    Dear Meghan:

    Congratulations on this spectacular interview. I couldn’t stop reading it….what a wonderful writer you are! Marissa is my niece, and as always, I was so very proud of her as I was reading your article. Marissa truly loves life and this interview certainly did capture her love in such a fun and warm way! I am so glad Marissa shared this with me! Thank you so much for a job very well done! Meghan…don’t ever stop writing!

    Most sincerely,

    Judy (Muoio) Inglesino


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Dynamic Duo: Miss Muoio and Miss Zosche