Courtney Callahan Talks College Packing Must-Haves


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Courtney Callahan Talks College Packing Must-Haves

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The letters of acceptance have arrived as the thought of the Common App and Coalition have quickly (and rejoicefully) become things of the past. Now, we are on to more exciting things like picking your college, finding a roommate, and, of course, decorating your dorm room. I know it’s early to even begin thinking about packing up your entire room and shipping it off to your new home; it’s probably something none of us want to think about until August. But, if you are like Courtney Callahan, your list is made, and you could pick up your bags and move in tomorrow if need be. I personally think everyone should take a page out of Courtney’s planner to avoid the stress when tanning season is at its peak this summer. Luckily, I have done just that and saved us all the time of making our own college packing list as I give you a sneak peek at Courtney’s “Everything You Need for College” list that she has spent months perfecting along with a few tips that helped her along the way.

The first few items on Courtney’s list are a Duvet CoverSham SetFuzzy Blanket, and a Duvet Insert, AKA all your bedding needs. In case you are a restless sleeper like myself and do not feel like adjusting your duvet each time you make your bed, stores like Bed Bath & Beyond and Target also sell comforter sets.

“You need to think about stuff YOU like,” said Courtney when asked about advice for picking bedding. “Personally, I have to sleep with a fuzzy blanket to cuddle up with so on top of my duvet. I’m going to have a fuzzy blanket to complete the cozy look.”

Courtney also includes a waterproof mattress padthrow pillows, and Twin XL sheets sets on her list. Courtney recommends bringing two to three sets of bed sheets.  “Your bed is going to get dirty real quick,” she explained.

Next on her list is all things storage. Courtney commented on her and her roommate.

“We both like to stay organized so we knew that we needed a lot of organizers for our closetdesk, and side table.”

Courtney’s list also includes essentials such as a laundry basketdesk lampmirror, and hangers, all things you can find at your local Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Walmart, or really any home décor store. However, her list also includes “the little things that we take for granted” like a little trash can for the room, a drying rack to hang up valuable clothes, and storage for your miscellaneous possessions.

Hopefully Courtney’s list will save you some time and alleviate some stress. However, if you still think you are going to overpack or underpack, most colleges have their own list of what to bring and what not to bring come move-in day. Bed Bath & Beyond has also partnered with most schools and provides a checklist of their own. Or, if you know exactly what you are bringing and just need some decoration inspiration check out Dormify for pages upon pages of cute dorm room ideas.

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