The Last Straw: Room 304 Identified as “Green” Space

Mr. DeCarlo warns Mount community of the dangers of plastic.

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The Last Straw: Room 304 Identified as “Green” Space

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CALDWELL—Friday, September 7, Mr. DeCarlo send out an email warning students that this is his last straw about the presence of plastic.

The demand for having coffee in the morning comes from the added stress from the start of a new school year. This stress comes from college applications, SAT and ACT testing, and learning how to adjust to changes in the curriculum. Therefore, students are purchasing more coffee from Starbucks, Jola, and Dunkin Donuts. Research explains why the intake of caffeine helps people stay focused.

Lily Coyle
A view of fall decor inside Jola, a popular Mount coffee destination.

“The reputed benefits of moderate caffeine consumption include improvements in physical endurance, cognitive function, particularly alertness and vigilance, mood and perception of fatigue,” according to the British Nutrition Foundation

The demand for caffeine results in the growth of plastic. Faculty and staff noticed plastic and other wastes are not recycled. Mr. DeCarlo is teaching the Mount community why we have to recycle through emails he sends.  

“Since you will not be permitted to bring throwaway plastic items such as single-use water bottles, coffee cups/other similar items into my classroom this year, you might as well use next week to start learning how to survive without those things,” addressed Mr. DeCarlo in his first email to students.  

Students did not follow this plastic ban in his classroom. As a result, Mr. DeCarlo responded with a follow-up email that included a picture of all plastic that was not recycled in his classroom.

“Please, PLEASE-do not bring this type of stuff into the classroom and please, PLEASE (PLEASE!) consider reusable containers,” begged Mr. DeCarlo.

As one of the monitors of the Environmental Club, it is Mr. DeCarlo’s obligation to enforce not having food or drinks in the classroom.

“There are rules in the handbook about what we are supposed to have and not have it school and you’re not suppose to have things like that. It is clearly in there” Mr. DeCarlo claims.

According to our most recent review, the revised edition of the handbook does not include a ban of food and/or drinks in the classroom.

The Environmental Club has other plans to improve the school. Their primary goal is to replicate how the Sisters of Saint Dominic live. Their way of life includes reusable energy, a rooftop garden, bee hives, and a composting system. The future of the Mount community looks bright and clean thanks to the efforts of the Environmental Club and its moderator, Mr. DeCarlo.

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