Class of 2020 Prepares for the Junior Ring Ceremony

CALDWELL—The Junior Ring Ceremony for the Class of 2020 will be held in the Doris M. Byrne Performing Arts Center on Nov. 4. At the event, the Mount community will celebrate the Juniors who are preparing to lead the school as upperclasswomen.

Previous junior themes included climbing mountains and sailing onto brighter futures, but the current junior class settled on the idea of blossoming into beautiful butterflies. Junior class president, Melanie Touchard, will make a speech corresponding with the song, “Butterfly Fly Away” from the Hannah Montana Movie. Her speech will center around the idea of the juniors leaving their cocoons, taking all they have learned with them and flying off to college.

“We all like Hannah Montana so that’s where we got the idea for the song”, said Touchard when asked how she came up with the theme of butterflies. “But the theme of becoming a woman and spreading your wings and flying is really cute.”

Sister Peggy Ann, the junior class coordinator, takes great pride in the organization and execution of the ceremony.

“It’s such a tradition at the Mount and what I think is a positive is that the focus isn’t specifically on a ring but on a transition to becoming upperclasswomen,” she said when asked about her excitement for the ceremony. “You know I always think the circle part of the ring emphasizes the journey and the journey continues. … when you’re on a journey, you focus on where you’ve been as freshmen and sophomores, what brought you to the Mount, and what common bond you have together.”

The song, speech, and message of the ceremony highlight how the Mount continues to inspire girls as they metamorphosize into empowered young women.

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