World Car Free Day Celebrated Around the Globe

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World Car Free Day Celebrated Around the Globe

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The first automobile hit the streets in 1885 and since then it has dominated society. Since 1994, World Car Free Day is celebrated annually on September 22, encouraging people to abstain from using their car in efforts to promote the usage of mass transit, cycling, and walking. The event is celebrated in various cities including London, England; Portland Oregon; and Jakarta, Indonesia. A decrease in personal car usage can assist with minimizing pollution and fixing poor air quality.

According to the Evening Standard, “poor air quality is estimated to contribute to more than 40,000 premature deaths across the country [England] annually and emissions from cars and vans is estimated to cost £6 billion [roughly $7,891,000,000] each year.”

Many hope that the yearly event will encourage more motorists to abstain from using their cars as the first means of travel.

When: September 22nd

Began: 1994

Years Running: 24

Level : International


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