Mount Spring Musical Announced: Hairspray!


Just as the curtains close on the MSDA Fall Drama, A Midsummer Summer Night’s Dream, auditions and rehearsals begin for the Spring Musical. The Mount is excited to follow the story of Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray. The upbeat musical is filled with energetic songs and the fabulous fashion of the late 50s and 60s. Aside from the glitz and glamor, the show focuses on body positivity and the Civil Rights Movement in Baltimore, Maryland. Tracy Turnblad, played by Kiana Carbone, breaks boundaries and displays all of the qualities young women at the Mount aspire to have. She is open to integration in her small-minded school and auditions for the local TV dance program, despite the fact that she is told that she is too heavyset. The musical surrounding an empowered young woman is coming to the Doris M Byrne Performing Arts Theater in March and the school is ecstatic.

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