The Best Fashion Trends in Your Favorite TV Shows

For as long as TV has been around, the shows it premieres have enlightened us with some of the greatest fashion icons in media history.  For years, television characters have inspired generations of viewers to try different outfits and maybe even start a style revolution, making a lasting impact on the fashion world both during the show’s own time and in the years that follow.

Blair Waldorf and Serena Van der Woodsen   When the word fashion is spoken, the very first show that comes to mind is Gossip Girl.  This show not only has one fashion icon, but two.  Living luxurious lives on the Upper East Side, best friends Serena Van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf make the streets of the city their personal runways.  These two would, by far, always receive the award for “best dressed” when it comes to high end, everyday looks. Although both Serena and Blair are iconic, each displays a unique sense of style. Blair’s look is more one of classic elegance and, for lack of a better word, wealth, whereas Serena’s style is a bit more daring and edgy, yet still on the flirty and feminine side.  The styles of these characters are not only aesthetically appealing, but represent their individual character traits.

Rachel Green   Another television fashion icon comes from an older show whose style influence can be seen making a huge comeback today. I’m talking about the one-and-only Rachel Green from Friends. Rachel’s style influence is evident in this very fashion moment with the return of the plaid skirt look seen in season 1 episode 19.  Her style is more of a cute, fun look that anyone can pull off. In every episode Rachel comes out strong with a new look to top her last one.

Veronica Lodge   More recently, there have been fashion “it girls” showing up all over Instagram from shows being filmed today. One that comes straight to mind is Veronica from Riverdale.  Her looks push the boundaries and help her to stand out from the crowd. Veronica’s looks are very classy and elegant, much like Blair Waldorf, but they highlight her edginess, thereby complimenting her personality as a whole.  Her looks provide the perfect inspiration for more sophisticated events.


Nancy Wheeler   One last fashion girl from today’s most popular TV shows is someone unexpected. While she may not jump  not jump out as a style icon at first, her outfits are on point for her character and the show’s time period.  Nancy Wheeler of Stranger Things has a quirky sense of style, and for the early 80’s her looks are top notch.

All of these characters had, and continue to have, significant impacts on the fashion world. They continue to inspire us their personal styles, reminding us to dress for ourselves and our “character” rather than anyone else.

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