Muslim Forced Labor Camps Confirmed in China

Recent intelligence has brought to light that China is running internment camps for Chinese Muslims. In these camps, they are forced to renounce their faith and pledge their loyalty the the Chinese Communist Party. The Communist Party wants total domination in China, and total control of Chinese citizens; however, they do not want to tolerate the entire Chinese population. Through unfair laws and regulations, Communist Chinese leaders have deployed all efforts to conform all citizens so that they are the same, and so they all support and are subordinate to the government. This new information is likely to anger the international community.

According to The New York Times, mounting evidence suggests a system of forced labor is emerging from the camps. The Times reported that satellite images and previously unreported official documents indicate new factories are sprouting up inside or near the camps. Darren Byler, a lecturer at the University of Washington who studies Xinjiang, said that hundreds of thousands of detainees could be compelled to work in factories if the program expanded throughout the region to include all internment camps.

As reported by BBC News, the Chinese government identified the camps as “vocational schools” which combat “terrorism and religious extremism.”

For years, the United States has seen China as a significant economic threat, because if they have a stronger economy and the United States drops to number two, Wall Street’s ego might get hurt. However, China poses a much stronger threat to the world in the form of military power. Recently, China has been disregarding the United Nations’ numerous warnings by secretly developing these detention camps for Muslims. If the United Nations tries to interfere, it could cause military conflict which could be problematic for the United States. While America has about 1.3 million soldiers on active duty, China has 2.3 million soldiers on active duty, almost double the size of the U.S. Military. In addition, China has 1.1 million reserves, and the U.S. has only 800,000. Furthermore, in a war situation, China could call upon its Russian allies, who are another superpower with a huge military force. War between the countries of the United Nations would be detrimental to the world economy, particularly to the United States due to the extent of our business ties.

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