Things To Do in the “Dull Months” of Winter


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As fun as the holiday season is, there comes a time when the festive lights come down and the wrapping paper is put away for another year. Sure, you can go ice skating or finish the leftover Christmas cookies, but here are five things to do during the “dull months” of winter.


Spring Cleaning… but in the winter 

After the holidays, it feels amazing to get rid of all of the boxes and garbage. It’s a new year and even though it’s hard to keep your New Year’s Resolution, you might be a little more motivated if you are living in a clean and de-cluttered house. I recommend Tidying Up with Marie Kondo for some organization inspiration. 


Even though avocados are not in season, and the cute, summery outfits won’t be worn until June, brunch is an all-year-’round event. Oatmeal, omelettes, and anything warm make brunch in the winter super enjoyable. Toast, with locations in Montclair, Red Bank, and Asbury Park, is the perfect brunch spot for a cold winter day. My personal favorite is the disco eggs with a mocha latte. The red velvet pancakes are a close second! 

Montclair Patch

Finish that show you never got around to watching

From Bandersnatch to The Good Place, there are plenty of amazing shows to catch up on. Have a self-care night (including face masks) and binge-watch the shows you have been meaning to watch. If you want to hear more about shows and movies, check out other stories on the Arts and Entertainment page of The Argosy, including these pieces:

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Find a new book

Believe it or not, people still read books. It’s really relaxing to crack open a good book and just take some time away from screens and technology. Many people make it a New Year’s Resolution to read more, so I recommend taking a trip to Barnes and Noble and going on a “blind date with a book.” The store has a section filled with wrapped books that are labeled with brief descriptions of the stories they contain, forcing the buyer not to judge the book by its cover.



One of the best parts of the holiday season is the smell of cookies and other baked goods wafting through the house, but the other months of winter should smell just as sweet. The solution: try some new baking recipes. It’s a fun way to spend a night with friends, or simply enjoy some sweets by yourself (no shame, we’ve all been there). If you want to kill two birds with one stone, catch up on the Great British Baking Show for some inspiration. Here are some recipes that you can try out.
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