Girls Gone Stag!: An Insight into Semi

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Girls Gone Stag!: An Insight into Semi

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Some students, myself included, wondered if people’s experiences at the annual semi-formal dance would change due to the change in the “date” rule. Until recently, all MSDA students were required to bring a date to school dances including the Prom and, in this case, the Semi-Formal, or simply “Semi.” This year, the rule changed and students are now allowed to go “stag,” or by themselves, to these events.

This sparked a bit of curiosity in me. I pondered if this new rule allowing everybody to go, regardless of having a date or not, would change the dynamics at the dance. Would people without a date feel odd because everyone else brought one? Or would this new rule be what I originally anticipated, a great way for more people to have an opportunity to go to the dance and have fun with their friends?

Fast-forward to the night of the dance, and what a night it was! My thinking that people may not have a good time due to the lack of dates couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyone there had an amazing time. Almost every person in the room was up and dancing with their friends.

While I was at the dance I noticed something. That after all of that anticipation and all of those nerves about who people were going to take, everyone had fun, regardless of if they were there stag or with a boy. Something else I observed is that a lot more girls went stag than I thought were going to. I was only expecting a small amount of girls to go stag, and to my surprise a large number of people did end up going by themselves.

In the end, the big thing that everyone was focusing on leading up to semi, dates, was so trivial compared to the memories and great experience that the dance was for all who attended. The night really was a great time. Great friends, great music, and a great atmosphere completely shut out any potential stigma surrounding who had a date or not. The fact that everybody had a great time even if they were there stag is not just a case of “Oh, we made the best of it, even though we went alone,” because, quite frankly, that isn’t what going to a dance stag is about at all. It’s about enjoying yourself, for yourself, with all of your girlfriends, rather than having to worry about bringing someone with you and keeping them entertained. It’s about saying “Yeah, having someone to bring with you is amazing, but us girls can still do our own thing and have fun.”

The dance proved to be a huge success, and many would even say  that people had even more fun with the freedom to go with who they wanted to. The new rule of students being allowed to go without a date introduced a whole new narrative surrounding school dances and their purpose. Some might call it a stretch, but I would venture to say that a girl being allowed to attend a dance by herself can not only be stress-relieving, but also empowering. The rule change shows students in a very simple way that our school experiences are for us, and that we should be able to enjoy them no matter what.

After being at the dance and talking to various people about it, I can say with great joy that the change in the semi-date rule was definitely a positive one, and I believe that it will change the way that future Mount students view the purpose of school dances in general.

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