A Valentine’s Day to Remember

My day started as every other Valentine’s Day has ever started. Mom and Dad waking me up with a hug and a kiss and a smiley “Happy Valentine’s Day!”  Per usual, I check my phone and see the only notifications I have received are from Apple telling me my storage is full and that Low Power Mode has been turned off.  Seventeen years later and no date- but who’s counting?!

I decided to get out of bed and take a shower despite it being two degrees above freezing (fully well knowing my mom will comment on how I should dry my hair before I go outside). I threw on my newest pair of Lululemon leggings and a pink adidas sweatshirt (as we have a Valentine’s Day dress down) and decided I was ready to go. I laced up my sneakers and headed to my favorite coffee shop, Jola, to meet up with my best friends for breakfast. Though my best friend Marisa woke up late, causing us to be late to meet our other friends, I was still in high spirits. I ordered my usual and we laughed as we talked about our plans for the day as well as the weekend. As 7:45 am neared we decided we should head to school.

If you arrived at the Mount after 7:35 on any day of the week the chances of you getting a parking spot closer to the hill are slim. So as I neared the end of the parking lot I finally found a spot. During the fall and the spring this spot wouldn’t be a problem. In front of the spot is a grass opening that meets the hill in the middle. In the winter this hill is almost as treacherous as Mount Everest. Unfortunately, I had to learn this the hard way.

I watched a few groups of girls venture up this hill and decided “I am athletic I might as well try it!” And I very quickly learned this was a bad idea. With coffee and phone in hand, and backpack on back I started to trek up this very icy path. Four steps forward I decided, for my own wellbeing, this would not be the smartest or the safest route and I decide to turn around. As quickly as I decided to turn around my left foot slid out from under me. Then my right foot. Then I found myself sliding down the hill. I felt a stick poke the back of my thigh and then felt the ice touching my leg. When I finally stopped sliding and everyone stopped laughing I decided I should attempt to stand up. I reach my hand around to see why my butt felt so wet and through the numbness that was my thigh I felt my skin. I began to panic. I hoped what I thought just happened didn’t. My friends, who made it up the hill, continued to laugh and walk away as I slowly rose to two feet. Another classmate who got out of her car as I was standing up rushed over and asked if I was ok. I reluctantly asked her if there was a hole in my leggings and she laughed and said yes.

At that point I made the game time decision to just go home. I couldn’t walk up the real hill or be in school with a hole in my pants so I really had no other option. I called my mom in the car and told her to not be mad at me but I was on my way home and I was going to be late to school AGAIN. She asked me why and I told her the story. She laughed so hard she had to put her phone down on the kitchen counter. When I walked in the house she asked to see how bad it was and laughed for five minutes before she let me go upstairs and put a different pair of pants on. I hesitated as I took the leggings and threw them in the garbage. I then put on a pair of sweatpants and rushed back to school. By the time I got back it was 8:20.

Though this wasn’t how I planned for my Valentine’s Day to go I realized that it wasn’t so bad after all. I missed twenty minutes of my first period class, got to order a new pair of leggings and had a great story to tell all of my classmates. I even got a hug from Sister Fran! I am and always have been a very clumsy person and falling at the mount isn’t new to me, this was just the first time it required a trip home and a new pair of pants. I may not have a valentine to share the story with today, but I know this: I will remember this Valentine’s Day for a long time.

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