Sister Scandal Saga Continued…

Well… James Charles is back. The beauty community is the hottest of hot messes right now and James Charles is clapping back at everyone involved in his latest scandal. If you are unfamiliar with his latest scandal regarding Tati Westbrook and Charles’s sexual harassment allegations, then click here

So where should we start? How about Gabriel Zamora? Gabriel is a beauty influencer and YouTube creator who has been in several scandals himself, but we can save that for another article. Zamora, a friend of James Charles, has been very outspoken when everyone on the internet began criticizing James. However, many people believe that he had no business in this scandal and people began attacking him for trying to stay relevant online and sticking his nose in other’s business. No serious drama has started because of Gabriel Zamora, but subscribers are sick and tired of hearing his two cents….. More like ten cents. Sit down Gabriel.

Who’s next? Nikita Dragun, another beauty influencer and YouTube personality, has also gotten involved in James Charles’s scandal and she may have perjured herself…. Yikes. She posted a tweet (see right) trying to help out Charles and prove that his collaboration with Sugar Bear Hair was an emergency. However, many subscribers were quick to point out the discrepancies between the tweets and Charles’s original snapchat about weekend one of Coachella. Dragun has not spoken up on the issue, but followers sick and tired of the lies and the lazy cover ups… good try Nikita.

And now we have arrived at Tati Westbrook, the one who started this all. She created another video about the scandal called “Why I Did It”, in which she talked about her feelings after she posted her original video. She has since deleted the original video that sparked this drama,  “BYE SISTER”, and claimed that she did not hate James Charles. Westbrook says that she will always care deeply about him, and though their friendship may never recover, she does not want the internet to continue attacking him. She recently deleted the new video, “Why I Did It”, which can be seen as a message to her fans that she hopes to put the past behind her.

This sparks the conversation about cancel culture and the idea of happily watching a career go down the drain. The hurtful tweets, comments, and memes that surfaced about James Charles demonstrated how cruel the internet can be at times. Whether he was truly involved in these sexual harassment scandals or not, the internet has been ripping him left and right. He has lost three million subscribers in record time and it is clear how flighty online followers can be. Three million people were convinced by Tati’s original video and began to cancel James Charles. Cancel culture is dangerous and detrimental to the self-esteem of social media users and demonstrates how dark the internet can be.

So back to the scandal. After Tati’s new video, James Charles spoke his mind and the internet was shook. He took the forty-one minute video to explain his side of the story and provide the audience with evidence and screenshots. He addressed everything mentioned in Tati’s original video and several rumors that have been floating around the internet. Some say that he handled himself in a calm and respectful manner, while others think his story doesn’t quite add up. He showed the same screenshots the Nikita Dragun showed which was a little shady, but many people have been pointing out inconsistencies with his the dates and times of his screenshots. Charles defends his brother, which was respectable, but many claim that Charles is adding to the lies and fueling the fire. Though he claims he does not want to do that, many think that he is trying to milk this scandal for as long as they can. Click here to watch James’s video. 

And finally, Jeffree Star. *sigh* Jeffree was roped into this scandal as well because he posted a series of tweets and comments that he has since deleted (see tweets on right). He attacked James’s little brother, which almost everyone agrees was uncalled for. He also said that James was not welcome in their home because of how he spoke to Jeffree’s boyfriend, Nate. He alluded to James sexually harassing Nate, which made the cancel culture surrounding James even worse. Though many thought Jeffree was speaking the truth, James had a lot of screenshots that proved Jeffree wrong. This prompted another video… yes, another video. 

Jeffree responded to all of the drama within the beauty community and many are growing sick and tired of the drama. After he received hate from James’s video, he attempted to address these issues and set the record straight (click here to watch Jeffree’s video). But he really beaten around the bush and never made any bold claims. Jeffree said that he had voice recordings and screenshots but he does not want to fuel the fire. Interesting…

This whole scandal was a complete mess and really displayed the dark side of the internet. Cancel Culture reached an all-time high and it is almost impossible for subscribers to know who they can trust. There is one thing, however, that everyone agrees on: this needs to stop. The drama and public feuds are more than just silly entertainment, it damages careers and reputations. All beauty influencers involved in this massive scandal are pleading for this to come to an end.

The internet, overall, needs to focus on spreading positivity and addressing important issues without resulting in harsh words. Cancel culture is a spreading disease and this scandal has the potential to be a cure.

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