Madison’s Bachelorette Recap: Week 3


We are back again with Week 3 of The Bachelorette. This episode opens with the first group date, where Mike Johnson finally gets a group rose. It’s about time Mike Johnson got some recognition. He’s real and he’s not afraid to call people out on things that seem off (note: last week he called Luke P. and it was amazing).

Now let’s talk about my favorite part of this episode. Ding dong the witch is dead! This week, Cam the psycho was sent home. Honestly, it was long overdue. When Hannah sent him home, he started to cry and claimed that this was his “worst nightmare.” Sorry that you resigned from your job, Cam, but it’s not an excuse to act like a crazy person. Thank God Hannah saw this too, because he was literally out of control, probably the most out of control person that we have seen in seasons past. It’s now time for the entire Bachelor nation to break ties with him. No more bringing him up. Adios, Cam!

This season is different though. Psychopaths come in pairs. Luke P. is not on the one-on-one date. It is not his job to care for Hannah. She is not his girlfriend. She is literally dating over a dozen other guys and he believes he has some sort of claim on her. All I can say is thank God John Paul Jones is still on the show. We need his comedic relief more than ever. And P.S. Luke P., the thought of you in her mind probably doesn’t make her happy–at least not in this episode.

Connor S. is so cute. He took care of Hannah after her trip to the hospital (No, she doesn’t have mono, as predicted by Gabby Caputo 🙁 ). This date was very normal and that’s what I liked most about it. It showed that not everything in life is that pretty or perfect and all it took was Hannah passing out to realize that. This was my favorite date so far (next to of course the date where John Paul Jones had to give birth. Like I mentioned, comedic relief.)

Occasionally, on Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise seasons, someone will leave or get hurt and you do not really know what happens until the person themselves addresses the rumor after the fact. The biggest, most recent of these kinds of situations happened on Bachelor in Paradise two summers ago when production had been shut down amidst news of sexual misconduct allegations. So let’s talk about Tyler G. Tyler G. just left, and it wasn’t addressed until the end of the episode and the reasoning was very vague. Apparently, producers asked him to leave, but that could just be a rumor. We will not know the whole truth until he reaches out on social media or someone asks him on the “Men Tell All” follow up. For right now, poof, he’s gone. (I didn’t really like him that much anyway.)

On the “Women Tell All” last season of The Bachelor, Chris Harrison was not lying when he said we’d see Demi again, and to be honest, I think it’s great. Every time Demi shows up, you know something is going to go down. Except in this episode, she snooped and…nothing happened. All the guys were nice and sincere, which is not nearly as fun to watch as them being insincere, because that’s when Demi goes off, which makes for great TV.

I don’t think Luke P. gets the point of this show. He literally says “Who wants to date someone and start to fall in love with someone to have to share?” Are you aware what you signed up for? That is literally the sole purpose of this show. It’s not just the Luke P. and Hannah B. show. Luke also said that he is “letting” the other guys form stronger connections with Hannah. This is where he shows his false belief that he has any sort of hold over her. He does not. This made me like him even less (I didn’t think I could like him less) and it made him into the villain of this season (even reality TV has one). Luke P. tried to cut Hannah off in the middle of a conversation with another guy. He’s way too territorial for only knowing her for two weeks, especially in the situation that they are in. Hannah even pulls him aside and says that she is irritated with their relationship.

My two favorites still remain: John Paul Jones and Peter the Pilot.

Let’s hope Luke P. gets eliminated next week.

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