Hot Seat Hortsmann

How far should Blake have gone to protect his reputation?

Blake Hortsmann, one of the contestants on Bachelor In Paradise, Season 6, took the hot seat at the reunion taping, which aired Tuesday, Sept. 17. The main topic of Hortsmann’s “hot seat interview” was his decision to release private text messages between himself and fellow co-star, Caelynn Miller-Keyes. On the show she claimed that he sweet-talked her, ghosted her, hooked up with her, and tried to silence her.

After the first week of Bachelor In Paradise aired, Hortsmann claimed that he was depicted as the bad guy. He shared private messages between himself and Miller-Keyes on Instagram which directly disproved what she said on national television. Bachelor Nation found itself split between admiring Hortsmann for defending himself and criticizing his decision claiming he picked messages that purposely favored him. Hortsmann deleted the messages soon after posting due to negative comments being directed toward Miller-Keyes, which he claimed was not his intention. During Hortsmann’s hot seat interview, Miller-Keyes claimed she told him this would happen after he called telling her he was going to release the messages.

At the reunion, all of the Season 6 contestants wanted one thing from Hortsmann: an apology to Miller-Keyes. However, Hortsmann said everything but sorry. His main defense during his hot seat interview was to protect his reputation from being tarnished by false information.

“The reason I released those text messages is because of the allegations that you said that were not true. If I were to sit on this stage and say, you know, we talked, she came on to me. I would have been laughed off the stage,” said Hortsmann to Miller-Keyes during his hot seat interview.

No matter if you are Team Caelynn or Team Blake, the messages released complicate this situation. If Hortsmann did not release the text messages, Miller-Keyes would not have been exposed for embellishing the truth on Bachelor In Paradise. Hortsmann releasing these messages put one key issue on display: If the roles were reversed and it was a man saying the things Miller-Keyes said to Hortsmann, the internet would have immediately sided with the woman. If the roles were reversed and Hortsmann was the one pressuring Miller-Keyes to hook up, people would have praised her for speaking her truth.



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