Who’s In? Who’s Out? Who’s Got a Chance?

MLB playoffs are coming up, is your team in?

With just about a week left in the MLB regular season, teams all over the country are battling it out to see who will make the playoffs and who will fight for the wild card spot.

American League East
The Yankees officially clinched the division in their game against the Angels. Just behind them are the Rays who still have a great chance at making it to the wild card game. As for the Red Sox, they are fourth in the wild card standings, but it does not seem likely that they will be playing in the wild card game. What about the Blue Jays and the Orioles, you ask? Hate to break it to you, but they are a lost cause. They will NOT be playing in the playoffs or the wild card game.

American League Central
The Twins have the top spot above the Indians right now by 4 games. With 10 games left, the Indians have a slight chance at stealing the lead. And if they do not take the lead, they are only a half game out from the wild card spot. They could very likely be playing in the wild card game. I cannot say the same for White Sox, Royals, or Tigers though. Their seasons were each a bust, so we will not be seeing them in any post season games.

American League West
The Astros are the division leader for the AL West with the best record in baseball, ahead of the Oakland A’s by 8 games. Although their lead against the A’s still does not guarantee their spot in the playoffs, I can say with certainty that they will be making it to the playoffs. The A’s may not steal the lead from the Astros, but they currently are in the top spot for the wild card game, so it is very possible we will see them play in the postseason. The rest? The Rangers, Angels, and Mariners are way out.

National League East
The Braves currently hold the top position in the NL East, ahead of the Nationals by 9.5 games it is safe to say they’ve clinched that spot. The Nationals currently have the top position in the wild card standings though. Just below them in the NL East are the Mets and the Phillies, who have an almost identical record with the Mets just a half-game ahead of the Phillies. Both teams still have a shot at the wild card game, but I wouldn’t count on it. Last is the Marlins who are so far out, there is no point in talking about them.

National League Central
The Cardinals currently have a 3 game lead against the Cubs and 4 games against the Brewers. With the season winding down this is really anyone’s game at this point. It is just a matter of whether or not the Cubs catch up to the Cardinals or if the Brewers pass the Cubs. The Reds and the Pirates records are not as bad as the Marlins but it is still safe to say they will not be continuing their season after their last games.

National League West
The Dodgers seemed to have had a good season\; so much so that they have clinched the spot as division leader and will unquestionably be in the playoffs. The Diamondbacks had an OK season but it was not enough for them to play in the postseason. Could they obtain the wild card spot though? It is possible, but it is not likely. They are 5 games off and the sixth team out. I do not think we will be hearing much of them for the rest of the season. The Giants, Padres, and Rockies? Maybe next year will be their year.


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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on September 23, 2019.

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