Who’s To Blame in the Immigration Game?

Immigrants make American great. No human is “illegal.” America was founded on immigrants. These are just some of the many arguments made by those who believe the recent immigration issues have gotten out of hand, so much so that there is a political movement, Abolish ICE, that has been taking storm since mid-2018.

In recent years, immigration has been a popular debate in politics and even everyday life. The deportation of refugees and undocumented immigrants back to their homelands of war and poverty has sparked outrage and moral conflict within certain communities, where Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents are taking the fall.

In a society where systematic racism and sexism, for example, are believed to be destroyed at the root in order to eliminate the issue, most turn to the government to fix immigration problems. ICE workers have been threatened countless times for doing their jobs, including a shooting at San Antonio’s ICE office in Texas on Aug. 13, 2019.

The Abolish ICE movement came about due to the poor conditions of the detainees and their temporary living spaces. Between 2016 and 2017, the amount of ICE arrests increased by 42%. In fact, President Donald Trump issued an executive order in January of 2017 that would prioritize the removal of any immigrant that illegally entered the country.

Are ICE officers truly to blame for the crackdown on immigration and the resulting conflicts? These officers often times do not choose their cases, but are handed them through a senior agent, Acting Director Matthew T. Albence, or even the President.

Why are ICE officers often blamed for doing their jobs? ICE officers, just like employees at any other job, can have major consequences for refusing to follow orders, such as suspensions, demotions, or loss of job. When the agent shows up at an individual’s house or place of work, they are carrying out the orders that were given and following the oath they swore themselves into. However, the agent with the arrest warrant is the easiest to blame as they are the face of the operation.

Being detained for being an undocumented immigrant can be scary to say the least and having the officer in front of you to blame may be the easiest way to go\; however, for true reform to take place, in any aspect of immigration, one must go to the root of the issue to eliminate the problem.


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