Things To Do When You’re Bored

Boredom, the state of being bored, is a common feeling we have all experienced on numerous occasions. We do everything we can to prevent/banish boredom, because once it becomes apparent, it is hard to extinguish. Whether you can get together with friends, or want to spend some time alone, there are plenty of options to get rid of your boredom, without emptying your pockets. Here are 10 inexpensive things to do and places to go when you’re feeling bored.

Have a picnic at a local park. Invite friends and family to join you in the park for a pleasant afternoon enjoying each other’s company, with time spent appreciating the great outdoors, eating a delicious meal, playing a small sports game, people watching, or simply interacting in polite conversation. 

Read a book at a nearby cafe. Take a quick drive to a local cafe to sit down and enjoy peaceful reading time. Get a coffee or snack, turn off your phone for a bit and focus on reading that story. Center yourself in the peaceful bliss that accompanies your quiet time.

Go out for a quick snack. Limit yourself to a small spending budget and take a trip to a family-owned bakery or the food store for a cheat-day snack. Treat yourself to a yummy dessert and indulge in the tasty bite.

Find something to cook or bake. Head to the kitchen to cure your boredom with a simple or complex recipe for a food you’d like to make. Prepare the ingredients and follow the instructions to produce a delicious edible item. Share your masterpiece with friends or savor it yourself. 

Catch up on some much-needed sleep. Your everyday activities can become overwhelming and make you completely exhausted. After sports, you probably don’t have enough time to finish your homework and go to bed at a respectable time, leaving you tired and lagging. It’s very important to get enough sleep so you feel well-rested and energetic the next morning. So, when you’re starting to feel bored, take a nice, long nap and wake up feeling productive and ready to go.

Try a new sport, activity, or hobby. If you’re constantly finding yourself bored, join a new club at school, start a new sport in your town, or take up a hobby that entertains you. Fill your days with things that keep you interested, whatever they happen to be. Choose to spend your time doing something you enjoy.

Volunteer at a local establishment. Sign up as a volunteer at a soup kitchen or animal shelter. Volunteer work shouldn’t just be done for the service hours, but because you care about the issue you are helping. Find an organization for a project you are passionate about and volunteer.

Go for a hike/walk. Toss on some sneakers and hop in the car or step outside to go explore the great outdoors. Disconnect from all your devices and go for a long walk or hike. Research local hiking trails and find one that suits your physical ability level. Get some directions, pull out onto the road, and head to your hiking destination. If you don’t want to drive (or can’t), you can always take a walk right in your neighborhood. Pause to appreciate the beautiful scenery, especially this time of year. Get in some solid exercise while still having fun.

Go for a scenic drive. Plan out a route for a scenic drive, or just wing it and go on an adventure! Take the car out for a spin and find a destination. Or, keep the drive exciting and see where the roads take you. Just still keep in mind traffic laws and safe driving methods.

Sit outside and observe nature. Enjoy the miraculous beauty that surrounds you. Lay on the grass and study the clouds, or unwind with some serene bird watching. If it’s that time of the day, try to catch the sunrise or sunset. Breathe in mother nature’s fresh air and take a break from the nonstop engagement of your everyday activities to enjoy the tranquility that the environment has to offer.

The next time you find yourself bored out of your mind, try going to one of these places, or doing these activities, and watch your boredom disappear!

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