Matthew Maher Addressed Mount Community About Decision-Making and Accountability


On Tuesday, October 29, senior Ileana Mercurio invited Matthew Maher to speak at Mount Saint Dominic Academy. Maher is a former professional soccer player, author, speaker, pastor, and social influencer. However, he gained the title of murderer in 2009 which changed his life forever.

Maher started his presentation discussing the effect of a nightmare and how it is not our true perception. The audience soon learned that he was not explaining a nightmare, he was sharing his reality. Maher was involved in a fatal drunken driving accident and was convicted of first degree murder, sentenced to five-and-a-half years in prison.

Maher shared his traumatizing experience living in jail. He perpetually used the words “I will never forget it.” When he was explaining a certain story from his past he used these words which proved to the audience how much of an impact that time of his life has on him.

“I got his message of don’t drink and drive,” Lia Tortoriello ’21 said when asked about the assembly. “But what stuck with me the most [was how] he has to live with that one decision for the rest of his life.”

Maher assure the Mount community that he did not come for pity. He came to the Mount to teach a valuable lesson about life, that the actions of an individual do not just impact the individual, but a multitude of people. Additionally, he proved that he was taking accountability for his own actions, hoping to help others avoid making mistakes of their own.

Maher was raised in a religious family, and even when he was living in jail he always found time to read the Bible and pray to God. He was very focused on receiving God’s forgiveness. Maher spoke on behalf of his wife, asking that every girl he preaches to remember how much God loves her and how beautiful she is.

Maher passionately used faith to guide him through the most difficult time of his life and is now preaching to the younger generation, hoping they learn through his mistakes. At the Mount, Maher taught the student body that one decision can change your life forever.

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