Coronavirus Update – 4/22/2020

As the number of New Jerseyans with confirmed cases of COVID-19 grows exponentially, government officials are continuously updating citizens in an effort to maintain open lines of communication. Through televised broadcasts, daily tweets, and various other media outlets, these officials convey vital information, which aids Americans in understanding how problematic the disease truly is. 

The international total number of cases has surpassed 2.5 million, and the United States, the country with the most confirmed cases by far, has reported a total of 810,276 cases as of April 21, and an unfortunate loss of 44,234 Americans. Although this pandemic has taken a drastic toll on the entire country, the greater New York City area has been hit particularly hard. According to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, his state has accumulated 92,387 cases resulting in 4,753 deaths.

With these numbers comes a larger discussion over what events will follow. President Donald Trump, declaring this widespread disease the “Invisible Enemy,” established a national order in which he placed a temporary ban on immigration. His order intends to limit the number of people entering the country, potentially decreasing the longevity of this curse. A second motive for his decision is the protection of American jobs for American citizens. 

Despite this temporary legislation seeming like a positive, preventative measure, other realms seem to be regressing. For example, many states have decided to close school systems and to extend the stay-at-home order. Most recently, Massachusetts announced the closure of its educational institutions for the remainder of the year, following Florida, Ohio, and countless other states. Putting the health of the children at the forefront, state institutions have moved summer programs, camps, and many other activities to virtual platforms or cancelled them altogether.

Although the doom and gloom seems never-ending, one must not forget to look at the brighter side. According to, New Jersey’s rate of increase has dipped to 12%, a decline from its previous 24%. Though the peak may still be approaching, this is a welcomed glimmer of hope for New Jerseyans. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo believes that New York has reached its climax, as growth rates have leveled. Both believe that we are far from the end, but that progress is being made. If restrictions were to be let up prematurely, a relapse may occur and the nation would endure this trauma again. 

Even though these numbers seem daunting, keep in mind that I will update you weekly with correct information and disprove any false information that may be circulating. Most importantly, we, the Mount community, must remain united, strong, and optimistic during these trying times. I promise you that we will emerge on the other side sooner rather than later, and more unified than ever.

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