Fun Holiday Activities During COVID-19

Being stuck at home during the holiday season can make everything less merry than one might like. However, the whole purpose of this season is to appreciate what we have, and we can do a lot with what we have. Here are some spirited things you can do while in quarantine this year.

  1. Holiday Bake Off. If you’re anything like me, you have caught yourself hours into the Great British Bake Off festive episodes. Wouldn’t it be fun to pretend like you’re in the show? Play a game that’s sweet for the whole family!
  2. Christmas movie marathon. I love being bundled up under a warm blanket, watching a Christmas movie. Especially when that Christmas movie is terribly cheesy. I have made some amazing memories just watching a bad movie and making fun of it with my friends and family. My personal recommendation is any of the Christmas Prince movies which are so awful that they are delightful to watch. 
  3. Dreidel tournament. Whether you are Jewish and have been playing the game as a tradition, or the word “gelt” does not ring any bell in your mind (for the goyim, “gelt” are chocolate coins) dreidel is a very fun game for everyone. Make the stakes a little higher and see who’s really the best!
  4. Online present shopping. The internet is truly an endless world of possibilities. Much more endless than a shopping mall. You could find the perfect gift for your friends and family. Also, make sure to look at the small businesses online, there are always hidden gem websites like Etsy and Depop.
  5. Virtual Secret Santa. Even if you cannot come in contact with your friends and family, you can shop online and send a package to their house. There are plenty of websites that do secret santa drafts, like Elfster, which will email you who you are buying a gift for. Then, after you receive your gifts, you can have a fun guessing game of who got who, based off of the gifts you received.  It’s an exciting way to get an extra present and who doesn’t love mail?
  6. Hot chocolate taste test. There’s nothing quite like drinking hot chocolate on a cold, snowy day. However, for those very special days, you can only have the best tasting hot chocolate. So have a taste test and discover which hot chocolate is the best.
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