Dr. Hampton: The Almost Priest

This year the Mount welcomed Dr. Hampton as the new Campus Minister. As Campus Minister, Dr. Hampton is responsible for overseeing Dominican Preachers, campus outreach, community service, liturgy, and so much more. Dr. Hampton shared his story of how he got involved in ministry before coming to the Mount, and it is certainly one worth telling.

Raised in an Irish-Catholic family, he thought that after college he wanted to be a priest and so he signed up through the diocese for the seminary and was sent to the Pontifical North American College, in Rome, Italy. Two years into the four-year program he decided that this was not the correct path for him. Although he did not continue on the road to becoming a priest, Dr. Hampton did explain that a pivotal experience for him was in the summer between his first and second year studying in Rome. During this summer he had an internship in Kolkata (Calcutta), India with Mother Teresa and her sister. This experience highlighted the importance of outreach to Dr. Hampton, ultimately encouraging him to attend Johns Hopkins, where he earned his Masters in counseling. 

When asked about why he chose to come work at the Mount, he said that, before finding the Mount, he had never seen the position of Campus Minister at a high school and was surprised at how perfectly the job was for what he loves to do. Dr. Hampton even stated, “this job is everything I ever dreamed of having in a job and it took me my whole career to get here, but hopefully I can have an impact for a long time and you guys will like having me around.” 

Now that Dr. Hampton is at our school, he has many plans for the future, but he has also already organized and implemented some new activities and changes. Less than two weeks into the school year, Dr. Hampton had the ambitious idea of making one thousand paper cranes to display around the school as a way to honor International Day of Peace. The meaning of the cranes in Asian tradition is wishes coming true, which represents our wish and quest, as a community, for World Peace. Dr. Hampton is also responsible for the new morning announcements, which now includes recognizing our athletes, student birthdays, and overall school accomplishments. Dr. Hampton also shared that he has many new ideas to improve our focus on religion, community connections, and our Siena service program. We can’t wait to see what great things Dr. Hampton will accomplish at the Mount and the new ideas he will bring to our school!


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