Wear Your Warmest Golden Fleece…… and SUBMIT!


It’s that time of year again and the Golden Fleece is gearing up to create an incredible literary magazine! Every year, our school’s magazine is full of poems, stories, art, and photography by the students at the Mount. This year’s theme is escapism, and we are looking forward to seeing how art, writing, and photography give you a creative outlet. To submit, you can fill out the google form sent by Ms. Croarkin or Natalia Ferruggia, our senior editor. Or, you can scan the QR code on our posters hung around the school! Another way to submit your work is through the link Kaitlin Gibson shared in her email, The Roar, the Mount’s Newsletter. We encourage each and every student to submit! You even have a shot of winning a Starbucks gift card if you do. The submission form only takes a few minutes and is a straightforward, easy process. We are looking forward to creating a fantastic edition this year, and it all begins with your creative talent! Submit to the Golden Fleece today! 


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