Bianca Coltenback Inspires Mount’s Student Athletes

The college basketball player is a graduate of Mount St. Dominic Academy’s Class of 2021.


Alexa Murphy in conversation with student-athlete and Mount alumnae Bianca Coltenback

Bianca Coltenback was a leader on the basketball court. Many of the students at Mount St. Dominic Academy knew her as the 6’0” tall post player who loved the game, her teammates, and coaches. The memories she shared highlighted the “close-knit” team she had and how the family she made supported and encouraged her throughout her four years. Her first round of states in basketball was Bianca’s fondest memory at Mount St. Dominic, however, the most important lessons she learned were later realized during her first year at Desales University, where she continues her athletic career. She reminds current Mount students to hold on to the time at Mount St. Dominic and to cherish it with the “people you love.” As the interview comes to an end, Bianca expresses gratitude for her high school years and closes with these wise words: “You’re going to meet so many new people, but never forget where you came from.” 


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