Meet Julia!

“Enjoy and appreciate the little moments and never take anything for granted.” – Julia Sulc ’21


Mount alum, Julia Sulc, ‘21 is currently a freshman at Pennsylvania State University. Julia was active at the Mount, where she was a peer leader, musical theater actor, and “Argosy” reporter. Junior, Grace Perez sat down with her to discuss what she is up to now. 

The following has been edited for clarity. 

GP: What is your favorite Mount memory?

JS: I loved all the senior things including the car parade, field day, and everything! I also loved Kairos and went on it during my junior year, and I was a leader of it during my senior year. Those were the best weekends ever! 


GP: Are you still connected with some of the girls at the mount?

JS: Yes! We have a big group chat with about 7 or 8 of us. We talk every day and facetime. Honestly, I still talk to most of the grade and we follow each other on social media and are on each other’s private stories. Sometimes I will have a random call with one of the girls in my grade and catch up. I am pretty connected.


GP: What was your favorite class at the Mount and why?

JS: My favorite class was U.S history with Ms. Perez. I loved Ms.Perez, and we just had fun and had good discussions. I then took a class called Contemporary Novels and Television. We read interesting books, watched TV, and talked about it. 


GP: Did you have any specific books that impacted you?

JS: We read this book called the “Nickel Boys” (Colson Whitehead, 2019), and it was about this school in Florida where young Black boys were sent and abused. It was hard to read. It was crazy to read about, and after we finished the book, we watched interviews about people that were at the school, and it was horrifying. 


GP:What advice do you have for current Mount students?

JS: Honestly, I know there’s a certain mindset in high school especially now that you’re a junior and looking at colleges. Sometimes, there is a mindset like, “Get me out of here”  but now that I’m in college, when I talk to my friends we say, “if we can just go back in time and have one more CAP or one more locker break we would.” Enjoy and appreciate the little moments and never take anything for granted.


GP: What made you decide to go to Penn State?

JS: I wanted to be at a bigger school because my whole life I went to a Catholic school and I never had that big school spirit experience. When I walked onto Penn State campus, I knew this was the place I wanted to be.

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