Meet Caty!


Caty Backfisch is a freshman at Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts. She majors in Political Science. During her time at the Mount, she went on the Kairos retreat, was in multiple plays, and made the most of her time as a student here. Her favorite class was AP Gov with Mr. Vigil because the material was easily applied to the real world today. Capstone was also a favorite experience of Caty’s because she was able to do her own research. She liked to spend her time conversing with classmates during CAP. Caty’s advice to current or upcoming Mount students is to “make the most of every opportunity because the Mount has so many great programs and clubs to get involved in.” Caty says that so many teachers and faculty are there to help you and prepare you, and to take advantage of any and every opportunity and resource available to you. She encourages current and future students to join all clubs they show interest in. She joined the musical her sophomore year and continued to audition every year after. Caty says putting yourself out there and trying new things is the best way to find exactly what you want to do.

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