Meet Maddie!


She is now a sorority sister at the prestigious Lehigh University, but she was once a cheerleader for our beloved Mount.

College sophomore Maddie Sullivan, 2020 Mount class alum, shared her favorite things from the time she was a high school student and how the Mount has shaped her today. When she picked up the Facetime call, she was sitting at the desk of her sorority sister from Alpha Gamma Delta, which has become a second home and a second family. “I just love all my friends at college. I like I’m in a sorority now, so I found my all-girls group in college like I had at the Mount. So I just think it’s really fun.” A warm-hearted look glazed over her eyes as she began to look back on her memories from a couple of years prior. “My favorite Mount moment would probably be during CAP period and my friends and I would all hang out together and we would go to [Mr. Rodriguez’s]  room and we would all just like talk to him and hang out.” But that isn’t all Maddie remembered. Maddie worked and studied hard at the Mount, and these learning and study habits benefitted her when she arrived at college. “I just learned how to study well because it was a rigorous high school compared to some of my friends’ [high school] at college. Like, they kind of breezed through high school, but I feel the Mount gave me good, hard classes, and I learned how to deal with that.” She continued, “I feel I’m prepared for college.” When asked what advice she could give to incoming and current mounties, Sullivan encourages them to take all the opportunities they can because trying new experiences is what high school is all about — aside from studying!

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