The Argosy: "Launched Never to Anchor"



Where it All Began…

In the winter of 2014, a small group of juniors joined together with Ms. Zosche and began brainstorming a re-launch of the school’s newspaper. The timing was integral, as a majority of students in the school had no idea what The Argosy even was (or what an argosy even is – although that is still up in the air).

After long hours of brainstorming and recruiting, The Argosy relaunched in a fresh, new, digital way! And the Mount’s online student-run publication is so much more than a newspaper.

Unlike previous manifestations of The Argosy (which date back to the 1930s), this version is an entirely electronic publication. It features reporting of school happenings and celebrates student achievements. There are sections covering news, arts, and athletics, along with an opinions section for student voices to be heard. The expressions section is a space for creativity in the everyday lives of Mount students. Coverage extends from within the school walls to global issues.

An argosy is commonly defined as a merchant ship, while others consider that the derivation is from Jason and the Argonauts’ famous ship, the Argo. Whether we are working to transport news and ideas or seek information, both definitions are appropriate. The Argosy’s mission is to share the inspiring stories and the dedication present every day at our school.

Our Policies
The Argosy is committed to the expression of ideas through all forms of media. We promise to confirm all facts before publishing and the multimedia found on our site is original content unless otherwise credited. Comments will be approved by the moderator of the publication. Letters to the editors and/or opinion pieces are accepted and encouraged. Send submissions, comments, questions, and suggestions to



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